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Biodegradeable & sustainable Paper Board
PLA Cornstarch for use in the production of biodegradeable paper cups

Our Dedication to the FSC

FSC’s success always depends on consumer awareness and their demand for FSC-certified products. The FSC relies on its partners and certificate holders in spreading awareness. They have remarkable success, but the FSC also listens to suggestions for improvement. Like for more effective materials and tools that can inspire customers to opt for the FSC. It is an identity that connects consumers and leaves an unforgettable impression. It is believed that new branding and marketing toolkit helps in achieving this.

The paper, furniture, packaging, and building materials people consume come from the forest. The traditional and industrial forestry destroys the forest. That is what the Forest Stewardship Council movement is fighting for. Their approach uses market forces linked to sustainable consumption. This is to make sure forests get long-term protection.

How the Movement Works

The FSC has high standards for responsible management, and these are audited. They protect a wide range of forest values, biodiversity, old growth, and rare species. The protection also covers water resources, local communities, forest workers, and native peoples.

Forest products that meet their standards can use the label. Consumers who want to have a positive environmental and social impact. They buy products that bear the label. That will then signal the forest owner back. This creates more incentives for forests to follow FSC standards.

UN Sustainable Development Goal

The UN Sustainable Development Goal is to “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.” The aim is to manage the sustainability of natural resources. Also, to encourage big companies to have sustainable practices. They also want companies to promote public procurement for sustainability. Even if the overall goals are very ambitious, these are attainable. Despite the challenges, the UN conducted studies and stays positive. The FSC is providing a model that allows the UN to meet the present needs without hurting the future.

What Makes the FSC Forests Special?

FSC-certified forests are managed at the highest environmental, economic, and social standards. Harvested trees must be replanted by those who work and live in them. That is what makes FSC system different from others. They also make sure that forests have proper management. One of their standards is for protecting the rights of indigenous people.

FSC Certification Standards

Why is paper ‘sustainable’? Like a lot of words used to describe green such as ‘organic’ and ‘compostable’, ‘sustainable’ tends to be vague. By earning an ‘FSC-certified’ label, there are standards that a paper product follows. They do this to prove they are socially and environmentally responsible.

Before giving the certification and label, the FSC wants a product to pass a “chain of custody”. It goes from the forest, manufacturer, merchant, and printer if applicable. There are third-party, independent auditors that assess companies and conduct the chain-of-custody. They do this to companies that want to get the certification. There is also a rule for a management plan. It is to specify and outline the scale and logging intensity. As well as the renewal operations to meet long-term objectives in keeping forests healthy.

Where to Find FSC Certified Products

FSC-certified product labels are on decking, garden furniture, conservatories, sheds, bird tables, and bird boxes. Even in brushes, general housewares, flooring, wallpaper, doors, tissue, shelves, papers, and books. In short, most things that need wood to manufacture. It can be on natural latex and essential oils, which are other forest products.

What Makes Us FSC certified?

That means the materials we use for our paper cups follow their standards. They are sourced in an environmentally-friendly and economically viable manner. FSC was founded in 1993 and they respond to the concerns of deforestation.

Advantages of FSC-Certified Paper

Recycled paper is different from FSC-certified because of its composition. It is made up of virgin tree fibres instead of post-consumer recycled materials. The wood pulp also made this paper from a forest that is well-managed. Hence, it is just as eco-friendly.

Paper manufacturers look for wood suppliers that prevent pollution and protect habitat. They also want them to plant more trees. The number of trees they plant must be more than what is being harvested. They avoid displacing native peoples and destroying wildlife. By doing this, they are making a huge, positive impact.

Different FSC Labels

Every FSC wood-based product has 3-type grading, which are identifiable based on these:

FSC 100%

This label means the product uses only 100% FSC approved materials. For instance, wooden disposable cutlery that is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It is widely recyclable and other wood-based products can make use of it.

FSC Recycled

The FSC recycled label is given to a product that uses paper or wood that came from re-used material. For instance, hot drink carriers and clutches made from FSC recycled pulp or board. This material is also commonly recycled aside from the biodegradable and compostable ones.


There is an FSC mix label that indicates the wood used within the product passed the criteria. The wood comes from FSC-certified forests, controlled wood, or recycled material. FSC wood is used to make part of the product, but it gets mixed with composite materials. For instance, our branded paper cups use PLA coating. Even if it is compostable, they must be sent to industrial composting agencies. This is better instead of throwing them directly into the trash. However, you must throw them in the bin instead of recycling them. The composition of materials can contaminate the process.


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